Why do these things happen to me?
(Lokanath Swami, 6 April 2014, Pandharpur)


Two days ago I found out that the boy I am in a relationship with is in a relationship with someone else, who happens to be my friend. I feel hurt. I was just wondering, Maharaja, what should I do with all these things that are surrounding me? I am in desperate need of spiritual guidance and I hope that somehow I can receive this from you.


To say that the answer to a question, why these things surrounding me happen, is intricate, is an understatement.

For every action there is a cause and a reaction. Some actions have immediate causes and could be circumstantial i.e. things happening around time, place and circumstance. Fingers are generally pointed at that. Then again it may be caused by something that happened in the distant past and now this big, complex chain of actions and reactions come into play. This is called karma.

Then again something happens in isolation with someone else. So now her karma, his karma becomes collective karma. When one person’s karma and another person’s karma combine, there is a new outcome, new, latest reactions. But a wise, knowledgeable person does not hold the immediate cause as the only factor. There are in reality a series of chain reactions resulting in the latest reactions.


Ultimately karma is for correcting a person because the universe is based on compassion. Karma gives us reactions for our actions, but it also teaches us valuable lessons – about life, our character, behaviour and interaction with others.