1. Why shall he remain in the village? So if you can organize in the villages, they are interested in chanting Hare Krsna mantra and getting nice prasadam, then… One must have some attachment. In the city there are so many artificial attachments. So on what ground they’ll remain in the village? Mind, always remember this. Unless you have got some attachment, there is no possibility. Gandhi’s program was very nice, village organize so that they may not come to the city and help the capitalists. Remain satisfied in the village. But where is that satisfaction? That is the failure.

Lokanath Swami: If they add the holy name to their lives, they will…

Srila Prabhupada’s intention to introduce the holy name into the villages will also prevent the village drain into cities.

Lokanath Swami: I come from village, and I’m happy now as I have taken to holy name and prasada. So more, other villagers… Half of these boys are from villages?

Prabhupada: Yes, they are villagers.

2. Lokanath Swami shares the success of his programme and Srila Prabhupada endorses the glories of village life yet again.

Lokanath Swami: They’re chanting and they’re so happy and they’re going back to village.

Prabhupada: Very good life. Very good life. The village life. Provided he has got proper engagement. Otherwise his mind will be disturbed, and he’ll seek after wine, after women, after this, after that. Devil’s workshop.

3. Lokanath Swami promises to write to Srila Prabhupada who gives him the benediction and mercy to proceed from village to village with strength.

Prabhupada: Yes. Go to village to village. It is very noble attempt. And if you sincerely preach Krsna will… buddhi-yogaa dadami taa yena mam upayanti te. There is no doubt.

Room Conversation (Bullock Cart SKP), September 12, 1976, Vrindavana