On this particular morning, Srila Prabhupada glanced in my direction and asked:

Prabhupada: Hare Krsna. So why you are becoming paramahamsa? This is paramahamsa dress.

Clearly the colour of my attire was incorrect and I immediately responded admitting that the colour needed to be changed.

Lokanath Swami: Yeah, I have to dye it today.

Srila Prabhupada cryptically suggested that:

Prabhupada: Don’t become paramahamsa immediately. Paramahamsa is the last stage of sannyasa. First stage is kuticaka. Second stage is parivrajakacarya. Third stage is…. No, first stage is kuticaka. Then second stage is bahudaka, bahudaka. And third stage is parivrajakacarya, and fourth stage is paramahamsa. Therefore paramahaasa stage is the topmost .

Morning Walk, March 11, 1976, Mayapur