Padayatra Sankirtan Report

Date: 20 feb 2013
Walked from kumbhamela ground to scout camp
Distance covered: 6 km
Total books distributed: 57 small, 25 medium, 30 gitas
School program conducted

Date: 21 feb 2013
Walked from scout camp to Shivpur, RP intermediate college
Distance covered: 10 km
Total books distributed: 289 small, 63 medium, 65 gitas, 3 ramayans
School program conducted

Date: 22 feb 2013
walked to Mahesh ganj
Distance covered: 10 km
Total books distributed: 501 small, 66 medium, 1 big, 77 gitas
Village sankirtan: While Gour Nitai were out on their eternal sankirtan procession we came across one mad lady whirling a large log of wood at the oncoming cars. Our party was apprehensive to walk past her but to our surprise she suddenly dropped her log and started dancing with the kirtan. All the devotees were overjoyed to see such a dramatic change in her and we realized it to be the strength of the hare Krishna mahamantra. She followed us back to attend the gour arti and evening lecture.

Date: 23 feb 2013
Walked till mansurabad
Distance covered: 5 km
Nityananda trayodasi: in the evening an abhishek festival of sri sri gour nitai was attended by 50 villagers and children followed by an exstatic kirtan after which a short lecture was held on the glories of gour nitai and how they uplifted jagai and madhai.

Total books distributed: 377 small, 75 medium, 1 big, 1 ramayan, 79 gitas
Nearby was the Sringeverpur(5 kms from mansurabad) the exact spot where sumant (the charioteer of Lord Ram) drove lord Ram to begin his 14 year exile. This is where the famous pastime of kevat ferrying Lord Ram across the ganges took place.

As Mother Sita, Lord Ram and Laxman were preparing to enter the forest, they came across the large ganges. Lord Ram approached a boatman to ferry them across the ganges but kevat (a devotee of the Lord) wanted to serve them by washing their feet and hence put up an argument. He said I have heard that by the touch of Lord Ram’s feet a stone was transformed into a beautiful lady named ahulya. I fear that if those same feet enter my boat then my only source of income would be transformed into a lady and I will be doomed.

So the only way I will let you enter my boat is that I will carefully wash your feet and spread leaves and grasses in my boat to avoid the same dust touching my boat. In this way the most fortunate Kevat washed Lord Ram’s feet with tears of love streaming down his cheeks. After crossing the ganges Lord Ram proceeded to Bharadvaj munis ashram in Prayag.

Devotees took their noon bath at that same spot where this pastime had taken place and later on performed harinam sankirtan as the amused crowd sang along.

Date: 24 feb 2013
walked to Lal gopal ganj
Distance covered: 8 km
Total books distributed: 308 small, 84 medium, 86 gitas
Village sankirtan

Date: 25 feb 2013
walked to chevanga
Distance covered: 12 km
Total books distributed: 250 small, 49 medium, 2 ramayan, 53 gitas
Village sankirtan

Date: 26 feb 2013
walked to mandal baso
Distance covered: 10 km
Total books distributed: 442 small, 86 medium, 2 ramayan, 89 gitas
Village sankirtan

Date: 27 feb 2013
Stayed at sarai ana dev
Distance covered: 18 km
Total books distributed: 476 small, 172 medium, 2 ramayan, 179 gitas
School preaching &Village sankirtan

Date: 28 feb 2013
Stayed at pratapnagar
Distance covered: 15 km
Total books distributed: 480 small, 186 medium, 2 big, 2 ramayan, 206 gitas
town sankirtan