Dear Maharaja,
Hare Krishna.
Dandavat Pranam.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Guru and Gauranga

With your blessings, your worads about chanting is a seva has made deep mark on my heart and since that day the once broken vow of 16 rounds is strictly maintained.Today after reading a paragraph from The Japa Reform notebook we all sat for chanting. Today I got anger due to someone doing something wrong.

But then after remembering your qualities, the anger subsided and I realised how small I am.While chanting and conversing with the Holy Name (nama prabhu) I revered about the detachment and submission to orders of guru by you and all the sannyasis. We often hear that while being in this world we should not be of this world. A simile is given that just like the lotus flower, even being in water/muddy water it is still untouched by the water/muddy water.

Just like that, we should do our duties but still be not attached.Material attachments make it difficult for me to realise the subject matter but today I could understand that how you all work for preaching, managing, book distribution, chanting and many other duties but still you are untouched by these activities. You all are still another person You scold and correct and guide but even while scolding you are the best friend, a mother to that devotee.

Even if one offends you, you love that person. Your correction is also love. So many devotees have felt like being in Vraj Dham just by reading your book. When I wondered how it must have been possible, I could understand that this is just because of your surrender and you being just like a lotus that we all have got this nectar.Now it is up to me that how humble I can become to absorb this and many such nectarine words of yours.

How magnanimous is your personality and how you teach to be untouched by all the duties even while executing the same – this I see regularly but difficult to keep this in the front of my mind.My realisation is still very superficial. There is much depth to it.I pray that you all bless me to understand and live like that so that I can best serve you and the paprampara. I again & again offer my dandavat pranams and beg for forgiveness of my offenses.

Your insignificant servant