Tomorrow is Nirjala Ekadasi, one of the main ekadasi.

Generally people think Upavasa means fasting from grains. But real upavasa also means fasting from Maya.Feasting – only be with Krishna – full with hearing and chanting.

Vasa means living and Upa means intimate, close to. The real purport of Upavasa is to be close to Krishna. So in that sense, one should perform Upavasa every day. We will stay with Krishna, only if we will go close to Krishna. One who will bring us close to Krishna is the Holy name of the lord.

Why? Abhinnatvat nama namino – The holy name and the Lord are non-different.
When we are chanting holy name means we are very close to Krishna.

This is a knowledge – Gyana. And when we will realize this truth in practical, then the gyana will get converted into vigyana (realization / science). You also have practicals along with theory in your studies. So only theory is not sufficient, it should get converted into vigyana.

Parrot also can chant ‘Rama’. But it is not easy for him to realize. So today we will remember Haridas Thakur, by whose remeberance

It is said that one who reminds someone of Krishna is a vaisnava. When people see devotees, immediately they chant Hare Krishna. So Haridas Thakur was full of Krishna consciousness – Krishnamaya. Once upon a time, this is a scene of Jagannathpuri.

eka-dina govinda maha-prasada la
haridase dite gela nandita ha

Once Govinda dasa, on the instruction of CM took Jagannath mahaprasad for Haridas Thakur. Since, HDT was from Muslim lineage, that’s why he was not allowed in puri temple. Therefore, Govinda used to bring prasadam for him everyday.

dekhe,-haridasa akura kariyache ayana
manda manda kariteche sakhya-saakartana

When govinda reached there, he saw HDT – kariyache ayana – was lying down, not sleeping. And manda manda kariteche – slowly slowly he was doing japa. Sankhya sankirtana – means fixed number of rounds – sankhya purvak nama gana natibhih. His daily fixed number of chanting was 3 lac.

govinda kahe,-‘uaha asi’ karaha bhojana’
haridasa kahe,-aji karimu laaghana

Govinda asked HDT – kindly accept prasadam, bhojan – mahaprasade govinde But HDT said today I am going to do langhanam, means fasting. Langhanam paramam ausadham – upavasa is also beneficial from health point of view. So today, I will do langhana – upavasa.

saakhya-kartana pare nahi, ke-mate khaiba?
maha-prasada aniyacha, ke-mate upekaiba?

Both the things, he is saying. I am not able to finish my sankhya – my mala is not yet finished. How I can accept prasadam. This is the standard. My sankalpa is not yet completed. Unless until my prescribed number of rounds are not over, how can I honor prasadam? But, you have brought Mahaprasadam. How can I neglect it? Prasadam is also Krishna. Just sometime before, we were discussing Holy Name is Krishna.

You can perform nama sankirtana fullday, but can you honour prasadam whole day. Krishna says in BG – mita bhuk – one should only accept which is required to keep body and soul together. If one will not get sufficient food, soul and body will not stay together. Annad bhavati bhutani

Ramdeobaba is also not taking food now. His followers are worried. Krishna says one who eats too much, or one who eats too little cannot become yogi.

One of my godbrother, Radhakunda prabhu, who is no more here on the planet used to chant Radha Krishna’s names with every morsel of prasadam. – so kirtaniya sada hari. Prasad Krishna and Nama Krishna – 2 Krishna’s

And nama Krishna – satatam kirtayanto mam HDT is saying here I am not able to finish my mala, how can I honour Prasad? eta bali’ maha-prasada karila vandana

eka raaca laa tara karila bhaka
That food was no more dal and rice – that has completely converted in prasadam – which is para brahma – Supreme lord – therefore he offered obeisances to prasadam. So one should have such high respect for prasadam.

Now there is description of another day
ara dina mahaprabhu tara ahai aila
sustha hao, haridasa-bali’ tare puchila

Everyday Govinda used to come but one day Mahaprabhu Himself arrived. HDT took the darshan of Lord. One should not simple see the lord, but should take Darshan of the Lord. There is a difference between seeing and darshan. Mundane things should be seen but Krishna’s form should be given Darshan. People in general do vice-versa. They take darshan of material things very minutely. And they don’t pay much attention to the form of the Krishna.

Caitanya maharaprabhu – used to see Krishna everywhere. Sthavara jangama na dekhi tara murti – pure devotees even after seeing the material things never see them – sarvatra hoya ista devera sphurti – they only see Krishna or they see everything’s relation with Krishna.

Not only he took darshan of CM but he also offered obeisances.
CM – how are you?
HDT – aswastha bhuddhi mana – my mind and intelligence are not well.
CM – prabhu kahe,-‘kon vyadhi, kaha ta’ niraaya?’
CM asked – what is your disease?
teaho kahe,-‘saakhya-kartana na paraya’

HDT replied this is the only disease – I am getting obstacles in my japa of fixed number of rounds. If someone is not chanting his fixed number of rounds, that means he is in diseased situation.

prabhu kahe,-“vaddha ha-ila ‘saakhya’ alpa kara
siddha-deha tumi, sadhane agraha kene kara?

CM said Oh Haridasa! Now you have become old. You can reduce the japa. You have such a huge number – 3 lac. If someone will ask to reduce the japa, we will become very happy. ‘you have understood me’. We are just waiting that someone will say now you can reduce your rounds. Now you are advanced.

CM – you are siddha deha – you have attained self-realisation – you have realized Krishna Paramahamsa, avadhuta – why this sadhana is required for you – the goal of sadhana is siddhi – You are beyond all these rules and regulations One is sadhana bhakti and above that is raganuga bhakti, bhava bhakti and prema bhakti That stage is also called as jivan mukta – the soul is not affected by anything external.

loka nistarite ei tomara ‘avatara’
namera mahima loke karila pracara

your appearance in this world is for spreading the glories of Holy name. So here Avatara word is used – Brahma has appeared as HDT – Technically avatara is only for Vishnu. But at the same time as a Guna avatara – brahma is also avatara – that’s why HDT is also called as Brahma-Haridasa. Braham is the adi-acarya – the first acarya of creation – the same has appeared now as HDT. Your purpose of avatara is harinama pracara – you have now accomplished the preaching of holy name. That’s why CM – has given him the name – Namacharya. Acharya means one who inspires others on the path of devotional service by one’s own example. There are master in that field. So HDT had the mastery in the chanting of the holy name.

namera mahima loke karila pracara ebe alpa saakhya kari’ kara saakartana”
haridasa kahe,-“auna mora satya nivedana

so if you reduce the chanting, then it is allowed.

hana-jati janma mora nindya-kalevara
hana-karme rata muai adhama pamara

HDT is presenting himself as very humble, meek, fallen. My body is now very old,

adaya, aspaya more agkra kail
raurava ha-ite kai’ more vaikuahe caila

I am untouchable, adrasya, “I am unseeable and untouchable, but You have accepted me as Your servant. This means that You have delivered me from a hellish condition and raised me to the Vaikuaha platform. I was supposed to reach in Raurava naraka, but you have uplifted me to Vaikuntha. You have given me the qualification of going to vaikuntha. This conversation will go ahead more, but we will stop this conversation here.

HDT – prana chuta jaye – govinda name leke taba prana tana se nikale You also should be there, sankirtan of devotees also should be there. HDT already understood that CM is going to wind up his pastime very soon. HDT decided that before his disappearance, let me leave this world. The moment in this world without CM was untolerable for HDT. CM himself wants to magnify the glories of HDT – bhaktanam manavardhana And then one day CM comes with kirtan mandali – So this section is regarding the disappearance of HDT.

So our purpose – it is not that this section doesn’t have any relevance with our today’s discussion Tomorrow is nirjala ekadasi – demands of the body will be almost minimized to nil. The demands of the body keep us busy throughout the life. Tomorrow – don’t eat, don’t drink. Don’t breathe – Dhruva maharaja was not breathing. So, you all have to chant as much rounds as possible. Here all the devotees will be doing Akhanda 24 hours Harinama Japa Yagya. Some will chant 25, 32, 64, 108 Tomorrow is the day of earning more and more – lut sake to lut – rama nama ke hire moti – one should try to earn as much as possible.

Sarve sukhina santu, sarve santu niramaya, sarve bhadrani pashyantu, ma kascid dukha bhat bhavet Dukha bhanjan – the miseries will be destroyed by chanting of HK If we want to make everyone happy – luxurious life style, bungalow, car – this will never give happiness. Connect everyone with Krishna. Then only the whole world, society will be peaceful. The cause of misery is the lack of Krishna Consciousness – BHAVA KA ABHAVA
When this sound vibration of HK will spread in the ether, it will purify the whole world.

When there will be more preaching, harinam sankirtan – then the people will become white – white in heart, white in thoughts, white business, white money – no more black business, black money – Demoniac tendencies will be subdued – people will be free of anger, greed, lust – the result of greed is Corruption – that is the mantra now a days – the real solution to get rid of corruption is only Krishna consciousness. The solution to all the problems of world – from A to Z – is Krishna consciousness. KC is the solution to all the problems.

People are not simple – crooked and lusty. That’s why when we say just chant HK, they cann’t digest – but it is the absolute truth. For such a complicated problem – such a simple solution. Although this chanting seems to be simple but it’s most heavy. Ratnakara was also example of bhrastachari, anachari, vyabhichari – he was very famous, he had name – in lust, anger, greed, corruption etc. – how he got freed – just by name of Rama. Narada muni came and explained the glories of the holy name. He went on chanting till the time he didn’t got the darshan of Rama, Rama Lila. So by chanting, he reached from Name to Form and from Form to Lila He became Narottam from Naradhama by chanting It’s not that devotees are insensitive to the problems of the world. They are the most knowledgeable. They only know the real solution.

Samsaya aneka lekin upaya eka – that is Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.

By understanding this principle, if the whole world just for one year will give up all the solutions and just accept the ultimate solution of chanting, the whole face of the world will get changed. It is guaranteed.
The goal – our own welfare and the welfare of the whole world