Dear Gurumaharaj,
Please accept my humble obeisances,
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Gurumaharaj, I want to inform you that on 26th Dec we had a Memorial Service in honor of HG Banke Bihari Mataji at Iskcon-Vrindavan. This was held at the Balaram Hall. The Program started with Kirtan by the devotees of 24 hrs Kirtan Mandali from 12pm to 1pm. After that Glorifications started, HG Sanaka Sanatana Prabhu was the Master of Ceremony(MC).

Senior Devotees like HG Sridham Prabhu, HG Daivi Sakti Mataji, HG Dharmaraj Prabhu, HG Vrajavilas Prabhu, HG Radha Shyamsundar Prabhu, HG Ramanreti Prabhu, HG Badrivishal Prabhu, HG Prasanta Mataji, HG Radhapriya Mataji were present there. Glorifications started, many devotees described that whoever met Mataji even once became like a Family Member for her and she cared for His/Her spiritual life therafter. For many she was like a Siksa Guru as they associated and took instructions from her on a regular basis.

She was also very well known by the other prominent Vrajavasis and Saints from other sects of Vrindavan. Even the Vrajavasi priest from Gore Dauji Mandir-Ram Sharanji came to glorify Mataji as he was known to Mataji since last 30 years. Many devotees glorified saying that after leaving the body Mataji’s face was blooming like a lotus and was in a very calm and peaceful state confirming that she went Back Home, Back to Godhead.

Then Guru Maharaja we had a Live Video Session with You which was broadcasted on big screen to the assembled devotees, all were very happy to see you glorify Mataji for around 20 mins. Then we had Pushpanjali and Kirtana followed by Maha Feast for over 1000 devotees. We also offered Rajbhoga of Sri Sri Krishna Balaram to Mataji’s Picture which was placed on the Vyasa-asana nicely decorated with flowers.

Thank You,
Yours in the Service of
Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir,
Kanhaiya Lal Das