On our way towards Dwarka we stopped in the city of Bhavnagar. There was a big pandal program arranged by His Grace Kundal Krishna Prabhu and his associates for Bhagavat Katha on Bhisma stuti. The program was extended for two days because of the arrival of His Holiness Lokanath Swami Maharaja. Thousands of people visited the pandal program and heard the Nectarian Katha, Dancing in Kirtan and relishing Mahaprasadam. Maharaja attended some house programs along with padayatra devotees. He also met with the Padayatris and gave some practical guidance and inspirations.

On the last evening he gave a lecture on Bhagavat Katha about Grandfather Bhisma leaving his body in front of Lord Krishna. Similarly we should also leave our body remembering and glorifying the Lord. Next morning he came to the Padayatra Ratha to give encouragement and blessings to devotees and then he left to attend the Bhakti Sangam Festival in Valabh Vidyanagar.

Taken from http://www.padayatra.com Dated: Feb 18, 2011