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Technology has given the villager the freedom to act unrestrictedly

During a recent visit to Aravade, I could not sleep during the middle of the night because there was so much noise coming from nearby fields. It took me quite some time to realize what was going on. Someone was ploughing his field with a tractor at night to avoid the midday heat. To add to the noise pollution, he had a radio blaring film songs at a volume that was even louder than the tractor’s engine, so he could hear the radio over the tractor. It was a complete cacophony. The entire atmosphere was surcharged with nonsense, film music and noise made by the tractor engine. Forty to fifty years ago, this never happened; there would be pindrop silence at night. Technology has given the villager the freedom to act unrestrictedly Extracted from “God made this Land (Upcoming Book of Guru...

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Respect and Humility

Whenever a dignitary such as Srila Prabhupada would walk, who would dare to walk in front of him? A leader’s role is to set an example to lead others, and a true leader is shown respect befitting his position. A reference to a historical Vedic story is relevant in this connection. The demigods deputed Brigu Muni, a mystic renunciant, to test the tolerance of Lord Brahma, the engineer of the material universe. When Brighu Muni arrived at the abode of Lord Brahma, he purposefully sat down with his back facing Lord Brahma. This greatly angered Lord Brahma, but he was able to control his anger with his intelligence. He tolerated this insult, but internally he had become angry because of the offense. Being the father of this universe, Lord Brahma is one of the greatest leaders and should have been shown appropriate respect. It is customary in the temples of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness to not sit in front of our seniors during class. We often look behind us, look around us, and then place ourselves in the appropriate spot. It is offensive to have our back to the Deities, the form of the Lord visible to our mundane eyes, the spiritual master or guru, or to elders, seniors, and other superiors. This consciousness breeds humility in the heart, which allows us to understand our position as...

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Chanting for Rainfall

Once when our Padayatra, a festival in which devotees walk from village to village, was passing, a devotee was preaching to the villagers:Come on, you’re not chanting the names of the Lord loudly. You should loudly chant! One lady responded: How could we chant? There’s no water! God has not sent any water! We can’t…how can we chant? She was speaking out of despair. We proceeded with the kirtan or congregational chanting of the Holy Names of God. That day it finally rained because we had done a little sacrifice. Clouds gathered in the sky and showered drops of water. The Lord gives assurance that if one chants, He will send water. When there are droughts, some villages organize a 24 hour kirtan. Family after family comes and chants on a rotational basis: Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya Jaya Rama, Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya Jaya Rama.They pray to the Almighty Lord, the Lord in charge of all things, for rain. Extracted from “God made this Land (Upcoming Book of Guru...

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Dharma is in their blood

Pune Airport. There was as usual a complication with Guru Maharaja’s Tridanda, but as always everything went alright. This time also everything went alright. Hare Krishna devotees are not violent and for sure they wouldn’t kidnap anyone with three bamboo sticks rolled into a cloth. But, rules are rules, even in India (after what’s happened in New York on 9th Sep) they don’t allow Tridanda in airplanes so easily. After security control, a nice looking young girl suddenly appeared. She was wearing classical uniform for a stewardess, skirt a little under knee, high heals, and very modern make up on her face. As you can notice from my description, India is no longer a country of traditional stewardesses of Air India, who were wearing saris, bindias and mangal-sutras. Now it is a country with the most recent airplanes in the international traffic and the crew is also very modern. She approached Guru Maharaja and told that she is also a Hare Krsna devotee. According to her appearance and work she might be a lifemember or a congregational member who financially supports some temple. Guru Maharaja asked her a few questions, such as: “Do you sometimes visit the temple? ISKCON temple?” On that question the look on the face of our hostess started to change, and with a little nervousness she said: “Yes Maharaja.” Then Maharaja asked her: “Do you...

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