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Schedule of HH Lokanath Swami Maharaja Nov 2016

November 2016 01st:- Barsana 02nd:-Barsana to Nandgaon 03rd:- Nandgaon to Kokilavan 04th:- Kokilavan (Prabhupada Disappearance Day) 05th:- Kokilvan to Sheshashyai 06th:- Sheshashyai to Shergarh 07th:- Shergarh to chirghat 08th:- Chirghat to Bhandirvan (Gopastami) 09th:- Bhandirvan to Mansarovar 10th:- Mansarovar to Lohavan 11th:- Lohavan to Dauji (Utthan Ekadashi) 12th:- Dauji to Brahmand Ghat 13th:- Bramhand Ghat to Raval 14th:- Raval to Mathura (Kartik...

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Real Ego And False Ego

Real ego and False ego: (Lokanath Swami, 10 April 2014, Pune, India) QUESTION: Maharaj, I request you to please bless me so that there will be no ego in me and I should always think that this is for my Lord Krishna and my Guru Maharaj. I have seen some matajis hurting others because of their ego. Please Maharaj, I don’t want to be like them, help me. ANSWER: You need to stay humble. There is false ego and real ego. The false ego lets us believe we are someone we’re not and thus gives us vision through coloured...

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Radharani Contradiction

(Lokanath Swami, 27 March 2014, Noida, Delhi) QUESTION: In the Caitanya Caritamrita Adi 4.129, Krsna Kaviraja Goswami writes: “There is certainly nothing greater than Her love. But Her love is devoid of pride. That is the sign of its greatness.” It is a certainly a very attractive statement. The acaryas have also explained (10th Canto) that there was an occasion where as part on Their pastimes, Lord Krsna had chosen to disappear from Her sight. The suggestion has been made that this was due to some pride on Her part. Could you please say something about this apparent contradiction?...

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What About Austerity

QUESTION: A student asking: What about austerity? Like it seems that if we follow Him no needs to do austerities? ANSWER: Without austerity you cannot achieve anything. One of the big, big austerities in this world these days is to stay together, to stay together is a big austerity. So wife and husband they don’t want to perform that austerity, so many others, so many nations are getting broken into pieces. There is a big crowd in brahmachari ashram. Anyways that is one austerity. There are varieties of austerities to be performed by the body, some by tongue vacha,...

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Why do these things happen to me

Why do these things happen to me? (Lokanath Swami, 6 April 2014, Pandharpur) QUESTION: Two days ago I found out that the boy I am in a relationship with is in a relationship with someone else, who happens to be my friend. I feel hurt. I was just wondering, Maharaja, what should I do with all these things that are surrounding me? I am in desperate need of spiritual guidance and I hope that somehow I can receive this from you. ANSWER: To say that the answer to a question, why these things surrounding me happen, is intricate, is...

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