Today we returned back to Shyamadesh from Aravde-Pandharpur Dham Yatra. We 55 Devotees from Shyamadesh had participated in the Dham yatra with your blessings and Shyamadesh Devotees kind support, we have completed this auspicious yatra successfully.

On 09th Sept. (Radhashtami) we reached pune airport at 5.00am, after emigration formalities we started our journey to Aravade Dham by bus. All devotees were enthusiastic and eager to take blessings from You and Sri Sri Radha-Gopalji. Everyone was experiencing a spiritual happiness which was everlasting because of Dham Yatra. While travelling to Aravade Dham HG Shivanand Prabhuji, HG Gopipriya Mataji and HG Sachi Yashoda Mataji were leading Kirtan and all devotees were singing with full excitement.

We reached Aravade at 2.00pm, after room allotment and prasadam all devotees were eager to take darshan of Sri Sri Radha-Gopalji. As per planned program we started from temple to Your Birthplace doing Nagar-Sankirtan. At Your Birthplace HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji explained Your childhood glories and Your dedication in Bhakti towards the Krishna, we did Nama Sankirtan at Your place, then we all went to Your school where You took primary education. Again we came back to the temple for Gaur Aratiand Kirtan. HG Maitraya muni Prabhuji lead the Gaur Arati and Kirtan, HG Chandravanshi Prabhuji was playing exotic Mridangam. during Kirtan all the devotees were singing and dancing for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha-Gopalji. then we did the Govardhan Parikrama and went to Goshala.

At 8.30pm HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji, HG Damodar Sakha Prabhuji and HG Audarya Gaur Prabhuji shared the Radharani’s pastimes and Presentation of Aravade projects. After this very informative presentation we had delicious prasadam.

The next morning all of us gathered for mangala arati and Japa session. After the Japa session HG Damodar Sakha Prabhuji glorified Bhagvatam katha, then after we all had breakfast prasadam and proceeded for Pandharpur Dham. Before arriving in Pandharpur Dham we visited Shukacharya place. HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji lead the Kirtan and explained the glories of Shukdev Goswami and the place importance.

At 3.00pm we arrived in Pandharpur Dham, after room allotment and prasadam we visited Vishnupad by boat. This was a very thrilling experience, HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji, HG Shivanand Prabhuji and HG Gopipriya Mataji wereleading the Sankirtan party. The vibration of the Mahamantra resonated through the whole atmosphere in Vishnupad. Again HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji explained the pastimes of Vitthala and Janabai, in this mood we visited the Vitthal temple and Janabai temple at Gopalpur. The Vitthal and Janabai lila, Chandrabhaga river pastimes, Pundalik katha, Pandharpur Dham lila all were explained in detailed by HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji. Also Shyamadesh children performed a skit on a great devotee Pundalik. After this skit around 10.30pm we came back to ISKCON Pandharpur Temple for Prasadam.

Next day morning approximate 15 fortunate devotees were able to attend the Kakad Arati at Vitthal Mandir. Devotees went at 1.30am to Vitthal Mandir to get darshan and blessings of Sri Sri Vitthal-Rukhminiji.

After Vitthal darshan we visited Dwarkadhish and Pundalik temple. HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji shared the pastimes of Dwarkadhish and temple history. I was really amazed to see his dedication and spiritual knowledge.

All devotees took Chandrabhaga Snana before departing from Pandharpur Dham.Finally after receiving blessings from Sri Sri Radha-Pandharinathji all the devotees started leaving back to Shyamadesh.

During this yatra I realised one thing that Aravade Devotees are really great warriors who dedicatedly served the Vaishnavas enthusiastically. Shyamdesh devotees were pleased and promised to visit Aravade Dham again.

On behalf of Shyamadesh devotees I thank HG Abhiram Thakur Prabhuji and all Aravade Brahmacaris for their hospitality.