On behalf of ISKCON Vraja Manadala Parikrama(VMP), we would like to invite
all the devotees to participate in 28th VMP 2014.

Please find below the schedule of ISKCON VMP 2014

ISKCON VMP 2014 Schedule

8 Wed Vrindavan Vrindavan Parikrama & Istagosthi
9 Vrindavan to Mathura
10 Fri Mathura Mathura Parikrama
11 Mathura to Madhuban
12 Madhuvan to Shantanukund
13 Shantanukund to Radhakund
14 Radhakund Govardhan Parikrama
15 Radhakund Bahulastami-Midnight bathing
16 Radhakund to Deeg
17 Fri Deeg to Badarinath
18 Badarinath
19 Badarinath to Kamavan Rama Ekadasi, Badrinath Darshan
20 Kamavan Interior Parikrama
21 Kamavan Exterior Parikrama
22 Kamavan to Barsana
23 Barsana Dipavali
24 Sun Barsana Govardhan Puja
25 Barsana to Nandgaon
26 Nandgaon to Kokilavan Barsana Khadirvan-Darshan
27 Kokilavan Srila Prabhupada Disappearance day
28 Kokilavan to Sheshashayi
29 Sheshashayi to Shergarh
30 Shergarh to Chiraghat
31 Sun Chiraghat to Bhandiravan Gopastami
1 Bhandiravan to Manasarovar Akshaya Navami
2 Manasarovar to Lohavan
3 Lohavan to Dauji Utthana Ekadasi
4 Dauji to Brahmandghat
5 Brahmandghat to Raval
6 Raval to Mathura Purnima (Back to Vrindavan by Bus)

The Parikrama will start this year from Oct 8th till Nov 6th.

The participants are requested to reach Vrindavan at least Oct 7th.

We will leave from Vrindavan for Mathura on Friday 9th October after Mangal
Aarati at 5:30 am.

So, there will be two nights stay at Vrindavan. Devotees are requested to make their own arrangements for this 2 days Vrindavan stay. Parikrama management will take care of accomodation from Mathura.

During the first day’s Istagosthi, all parikrama requirements like luggage, bedding etc. which needs be taken along for whole month will be announced and also will be mentioned in the parikrama booklet.

As parikrama is starting from first week of October and will end by first week of november, there is a possibility of less cold. But still warm clothes are recommended.

Registration Requirements:
Registration will start 5th October at Krishna Balaram Temple, Vrindavan in front of Balaram hall.

Parikrama fees:
Indian full time Brahmachari Rs 4,000/-
Others Rs 5,500/-
Shuttle service Rs 10,000/-
For any information please contact:
Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir
Raman Reti, Vrindavan – 281121, Dist.- Mathura, U. P.

Ph: +91-9415113744, 9956795831, 9593648074, 9410041238.

During the Parikrama, devotees from across the world visit the 12 forests of Vraj dham. It is a transcendental expedition, a month-long journey not just through different villages and towns of Mathura but also a journey on the
path of clearing the garbage of anarthas filled in people’s hearts. Not only seeing, staying, and touching the Dham purifies one’s soul, but also Srimati Radharani, personally forces devotees to pull out their deep-rooted weeds of
material enjoyment. One learns the basic principle of ISKCON i.e. ‘Simple Living and High Thinking.’ Furthermore, the parikrama helps devotees to fix their minds on their whole and sole purpose of life i.e. devotional service.
The hardship that the devotees face during the yatra pleases Krishna immensely.

“Observing the vow of Kartika in Vraja Mandala brings love for Lord Krsna. In this way the best result is obtained in Mathura. They who bathe and then worship Lord Damodara in Vraja Mandala during the month of Kartika attain
spiritual forms like Lord Krsna’s. Of this there is no doubt. O brahmana, it is rare that one is allowed to spend the month of Karttika in Vraja. To they who worship Him in Vraja during Kartika, Lord Krsna reveals His own
transcendental form. To the devotees who worship Him in other places, Lord Krsna gives happiness and liberation, but He does not give devotional service, for devotional service turns Him into His devotee’s servant. Still, one can very easily attain devotional service by once worshiping Lord Damodara in Vraja Mandala during Kartika.” – From Kartika Mahatmaya

Thank you very much.

Your servant
Anantasesa Das.
VMP communication